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Read your love/marriage line

Predict your love relationship & marriage. Sign of good love & bad love, deception in love. Predict the married life & so many aspects on your hand

Predict Your Job & Career

read palmline

Predict your job/career status. Predict the chances in job, favorable period, consult the advice…

Resolve the problems in life

So many problems has been resolve via spitual remedies. What you face in life? Broken love relationship? unhappy life? poor? or facing health problems?… we always have solutions for you.

Build Your your safe future, happy & prosperous life with palmistry!

We’re always the companion with you, guide & give you the best advices to gain the success, fullfill the wishes in life, remove hurdles in job/career. Exploring the mystery in life & the interest of occult science

The Palmist & Astrologer: Ravi Samriddhi


Ravi Samriddhi – The Palmist & Astrologer

My name’s Ravi Samriddhi with 15 years experience in the field of palmistry and astrology. I proudly start working to expand our services around the world. Day by day we’ve created the services & serve the people in multiple aspects of palmistry…. Astrology is actually occult science where you have the time to relax and explore new feature & a gift for your life. Our services are actually much essential thing for everyone..

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Testimonials from Clients

Jose Sanchez

I must congratulate you for your kind and competent reading of my hand. God I wish you much light of understanding to enable it to help other people, as you have done me and my wife. Best Regards Jose Sanchez and Elda Sanchez from Switzerland


Ravi is very gifted and his accurate reading has given me optimism at a time when i was in very dark place, i am eternally grateful to him. Everything about my childhood is true and i believe your prediction for my future will therefore be true also. I feel very lucky to have found you


Ravi ji very helpful & very promising. Quick reply & honest in his reading. 95% of his prediction accurate
. Worth it to show your hand to Guruji… & the most important thing is he always available. May God bless him

Kaleem Ud Din

Am from Quatar and the only word I say is Exellent. I ahve alrady recommended some of my local friends as reading their hands from you, is 80-95% correct in his predictions. Very prompt, God bless you…

How the report look like?

The report would 5-6 pages of length & cover in all aspects & describe your life, events in special palmistry languages.

What to Explore more about Palmistry?


Best suggestion to improve your destinity, protect your life, getting more success, resolve all problems you facing in life.

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Donate the poor

To know exact the way, just need full guide from the palmist

Worship the god

To get the bess from the god for luck & protection

Gemstone Therapy

Gemstone would change your life, improve & resolve so many problems

How to read the palm?

In Order to Read your Hand, you need to take the images of your palm for both hand. Use SmartPhone, Scanner, Digital Devices to take the Images & keep the resolution , then send to my Email: [email protected]

I’ll take at least 5 days to Analyze your Hand & the hand report would be sent back to your Email, Facebook Messenger or Twitter messenger.

The Fees for reading your hand is $29. You can make the payment via Paypal ID: [email protected].

Or filling the form bellow to read your hand!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answer questions that customers are interested in the online palmistry service

    1.How long to get the result of palm reading?

    Ans: The result of palm reading around 5 days. Because I have so many clients around the world, and It takes me 5 days to analyze your hand, typing into Word file, check everything then send you.

    2.Is that correct when using online palm reading service ?

    Ans: I have more than 10 years of experiences in palmistry & I can view your palm images clearly, zoom out to see all the lines on hand. And I can give the best conclusion from your palm via hand images

    3.Could I ask more questions after receiving the palm report ?

    Ans: Absolutely, you can ask me so many questions & I will answer all unstil you satisfied with the questions

    4. Could you consult me about property investment ?

    Ans: Normally, I can give you the consultation / advices based on the periods in your life. If that’s good period, then I can advise you for investing, otherwise is not. And I can show some risks if it has about your plan.